Quit Smoking With Hypnosis – MP3

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quit smoking with hypnosis CD/MP3

This CD contains suggestions directed at your subconscious mind, where all cravings, desires, urges and longing for cigarettes arise. The reason it is hard for you to quit smoking by yourself, is that you are not targeting the subconscious mind. This CD contains hundreds and hundreds of subliminal suggestions to quit smoking. These suggestions are so numerous, that your conscious mind can’t pay attention to them, and therefore they can go directly into your subconscious mind where they will affect the way you think about, and feel about smoking. Most people, after listening, never want another cigarette again. It is that simple.*

With special music and sound effects written especially for this CD by musician Dan Butler, and relaxing suggestions by Carol Henderson, Certified Hypnotist, this CD easily puts you into an extremely comfortable, relaxed state as you experience a change in attitude about smoking. Enjoy life without cigarettes after listening.*

*Your results may vary.

Price: Just $24.95 for MP3 Instant Download