EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Examples

Emotional Freedom Techniques – Real-Life Examples

Here is a sampling of conditions I have successfully treated with EFT recently. Of course, I always reinforce the EFT with hypnosis. The combination of the two techniques is extremely effective in finding and eliminating all aspects of the problem the person is faced with.*

  • A woman who was pregnant and terrified of the pain she might face in childbirth. The fear was eliminated in less than an hour. In the hypnosis, she was guided to imagine a happy, healthy birth for her and her baby.*
  • A man who had become extremely anxious whenever he had to putt on the golf course. He became calm and even increased his average score with EFT and hypnosis.*
  • A teenager and her mother who were afraid of needles.*
  • A man who was extremely irritated at his teenage grandchildren who had come to live in his house. He loved them, but his anger was keeping him awake at night. After removing the irritation and resentment, he felt towards them, he became the fun-loving grandpa he had formerly been.*
  • A man who was extremely resentful about a promotion he did not receive at his job. He was always late and didn’t care if the work was well done. He was afraid he would be fired. This problem shows a conflict between two parts of an individual’s thinking. One part doesn’t care if he is fired, and wants to get back at the boss while the other part knows how dangerous this behavior is.*
  • A woman who had shoulder pain from an accident that happened several years ago. The doctors told her it was all healed and there was nothing else they could do for her. Sometimes our bodies hold on to pain or stiffness in order to protect a joint from further injury. EFT and hypnosis can reassure our body that it is ok to have a full range-of-motion and ease of movement again. When she left, the pain was no longer needed and it subsided.*
  • A couple who had an argument they couldn’t forgive each other for. This problem was extremely difficult, but the couple was determined to get back to the place they were before the incident, so we kept at it until each person let go of the hurt. When they let go of the hurt and anger (through EFT and hypnosis) the old feelings of love and concern they had for each other were free to flow  back to them.*
  • Parents who were fearful of what might happen to their son in Iraq. When we were through, they realized that they weren’t responsible for his safety. They had more confidence that he would be able to take care of himself. The fear was much diminished.*
  • A woman who was extremely afraid something bad would happen to her small children. Actually, this is a very common fear among women and some men. When the fear diminishes, a person does not become careless about the children’s safety, like you might think would happen. Rather, they make the same precautions as they did before, but the worry is gone.*
  • A couple who had severe cravings. He could not drive past a donut shop or a bakery without stopping several times a day. She felt as if she HAD to have a Snickers bar every day. When the cravings go away, a person can eat the item or not. They are free from feeling compelled to have it, though.*
  • A man who couldn’t forgive his wife for an affair she had several years ago. After the EFT and the hypnosis, he realized that this was not because of him, and he stopped feeling guilty. He also realized that he was ok even though this happened, and he could even be ok if this happened again. He might have to get out of the marriage, but he would still be ok. He relaxed more about himself and her. He felt more confident.*
  • Several people afraid to drive over bridges. Each situation was different, but they are all fears, and EFT with hypnosis will eliminate fears. Sometimes it takes more than one session, but the fear can be eliminated if one is persistent.*
  • A woman who felt her boss unfairly treated her. She had anxiety constantly when she was at work  When she left my office, she felt much more confident. Her view of the situation changed. She saw that it was not she who was to blame in each situation, but her boss. She felt that she had a choice to speak up or not, whereas before she felt she was to blame and could not dare stand up to him.*
  • A little girl who was afraid to walk to school because a dog bit her, even though she had moved to a new neighborhood where there were no threatening dogs. This situation took several sessions to resolve, but she did get over the fear and had much more confidence in other areas of her life as well.*
  • The little brother of the girl above, who had a fear of monsters in the basement. His fear was completely eliminated in minutes.*
  • A man too nervous to give presentations at work.*
  • A student doing poorly in school.*
  • A girl who was afraid to do the routines in tumbling because of a fall.*
  • A woman who couldn’t get the picture of her cat being run over by a car out of her mind. The picture faded and faded until she couldn’t bring it back even while trying!*
  • A man with test anxiety so severe he had changed jobs several times to avoid promotions involving taking tests.*
  • A boy who was not very good at soccer. He wanted to be a better player and knew he wasn’t trying his hardest, but didn’t know how to change. This situation took much persistence, but with hypnosis the real reason for his not really trying was uncovered and neutralized.  His father reported that he was now the second best player on the team and expected to be the best with his use of EFT before each game.*
  • A man who, while giving a presentation at work, had something embarrassing happen to him. Everyone laughed at him. He was so embarrassed, that he could not go back to work and was using up all of his vacation time.*
  • A woman who felt very guilty and shameful after breaking the law and being caught. She spent some time in jail, but wasn’t motivated to get a job or even get out of the house much. After two sessions, she was able to forgive herself and look towards the future with excitement.*
  • A teenager embarrassed by blushing all the time. It is interesting that once someone loses the fear of blushing, they don’t blush as much anymore.*
  • A woman working in an office who became uncomfortable answering the phone. She could talk on the phone if someone else answered, but really avoided answering it. Her boss had noticed this and was asking her about it.*
  • A man with pain in his knees that he had suffered since a fall from a tree when he was a boy. The pain completely went away in one knee and only a small amount of pain was left in the other. This does not always happen., but with persistence, usually there is some improvement.*
  • Many people afraid of heights. This is usually so easy to eliminate that I remove this fear from many clients who have come in for some other reason.*
  • A woman afraid to use her artistic talents because she doubted her abilities.*
  • A teenager who started getting bad grades when his friends made fun of him for getting on the honor roll.*
  • A woman afraid of small rooms with lots of people.*
  • A young man who felt compelled to drive fast and cut in and out of traffic. We eliminated the need to continue to drive dangerously in the first session, but it was only in the second session that in hypnosis he realized why he had felt that he needed to do this in the first place.*
  • A woman who had not talked to her sister for 20 years because of a comment the sister had made.*
  • A man sad because of his wife’s death. EFT diminished his grief and sadness. He was able to let the picture in his mind of her death fade, and substitute a picture of a much happier time when she was healthy. He also began to think of the future without her as bright and exciting again.*
  • Several people that had come with the person seeking treatment, who had migraine headaches and felt they needed to go home. In just a few minutes, the EFT eliminated all traces of the headache.*
  • A woman who always seemed to make sure she did not get picked in acting auditions. She really wanted to be chosen, but also always did something so that she would not be chosen.*
  • A financial planner who’s own finances were in a shambles. He knew what to do, but couldn’t get himself to do it.*
  • A man who couldn’t get over the breakup of his marriage. He wanted her back and that’s all he could think about. She was getting remarried, and he was devastated. He kept planning on a future with her. After two sessions he was ready to move on and saw his future as bright (without her).*
  • I have helped many people who feel that they have bad memories. They might be students in high school or college, or adults trying to advance in their careers. Because they don’t trust their memories, they may also have test anxiety. EFT and hypnosis take away the negative thoughts and allow their wonderful natural memories to emerge. They can concentrate better in class and when reading. They remember what they read or study. They have confidence that they will do well on tests, and they do. If they are in school, their grades increase. They feel better about themselves. Life becomes easier.*
  • I work with people who want to quit smoking or lose weight almost every day. I use EFT to eliminate many of the fears and worries associated with giving up tobacco or extra helpings. Smokers are afraid that they won’t be able to cope with the stress in their lives without lighting up. They are afraid they won’t be able to drive without smoking, because they have done it for so long. People are also afraid to give up certain foods from their diets. These foods comfort them and help them to cope with the stress in their lives. EFT and hypnosis give  people the confidence to live their lives comfortably without these harmful substances. At the same time, EFT and hypnosis help people remove the stressful feelings from the everyday events in their lives, so that they feel more relaxed and calm, allowing them to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.*


This is merely a sampling of the problems people bring to my office. The uses of EFT and hypnosis are not limited to just these issues. I’d be happy to discuss EFT and hypnosis as they relate to your specific issues, and how they might improve your life!*

With EFT and hypnosis, there is no reason for anyone to suffer from any of these situations any more. Gary Craig, the creator of EFT, says, “try it on everything,” It can’t hurt and chances are it will help.*

*Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results; individual results may vary.