Hypnosis Downloadable Recordings

Easier than ever – Now offering 100% online one-on-one hypnosis sessions.
We believe it is critical to do our part to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. As of 3/18/2020 all future appointments will be virtual, using your phone or laptop in the privacy of your own home or other quiet place. (This could be your office, your car, or if it is warm outside, it could be in your backyard or a even a park.) Utilizing Zoom or Facebook Messenger video, we can see each other clearly. Carol has been doing this type of hypnosis appointment for years, helping people in all parts of the world. In fact, there are many advantages to meeting this way:
  1. Be comfortable to be in your own space
  2. Skip the drive in to the office!
  3. Just as effective as an office visit

As always, your first step is a free consultation. Call 913-908-6907 or Contact Us.

Introducing Ultimate Relaxation, a downloadable recording that will totally and completely relax your mind and body. You’ll be completely at ease.

Quit Smoking With Hypnosis MP3 This downloadable recording will help you stop smoking by reducing your cravings for cigarettes almost immediately. Help your mind fight against the strong cravings and quit smoking once and for all!