Coronavirus Hypnosis FAQ

How can hypnosis help with the coronavirus or COVID-19? Here are a few answers to some of the common questions about hypnosis, but as related to the recent pandemic. Hypnosis may help your situation, as we are all in this together.

Hypnosis and the Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Many people are experiencing high levels of anxiety and fear related to their experiences during the changes we all are experiencing due to Coronavirus/COVID-19. People are afraid of contracting the disease, becoming ill, hospitalized, or worse. People may also be worried about their jobs being impacted. Being at home alone or with family for extended periods of time can be stressful. People may experience stress going to the grocery store, dealing with children and their schoolwork, and of course extra work cooking and cleaning after every meal. Changes to work – including working longer hours and possibly in more dangerous situations with others who are ALSO stressed to the limit can be taxing. Stress and anxiety are higher in just about everyone!  

How can hypnosis help reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety added by COVID-19?

Hypnosis helps by allowing the person to get into a deeply relaxed state where cortisol and adrenaline (stress hormones) are reduced. When we are stressed, the body triggers the flight or fight response, releasing these hormones, getting ready for an imminent attack. But stresses like we are facing now continue day after day. 

It is not healthy to have high levels of these hormones all the time coursing through our bodies. It can cause high blood pressure, digestive issues, muscle pains, brain fog. Over time, stress damages the body. You forget how to relax, how to self-soothe.

Hypnosis can change how we think and feel about what is going on. Hypnosis allows access to the subconscious mind where this flight or fight reaction begins. Clinical Hypnotists (like Carol Henderson) can help retrain this part of our brain to avoid negative thinking, become more positive and manage stress more effectively. We can learn, through hypnosis, to become more understanding, comforting, loving and caring towards ourselves. We can stop criticizing ourselves and be more encouraging. We can allow creative solutions to appear. The creative process can be shut down when we are stressed and as the body prepares for danger. Hypnosis can be like a reset. 

How can hypnosis help with other feelings associated with staying at home with others or alone?

Hypnosis can reduce all uncomfortable feelings. It helps with anger, guilt, grief, sadness, fear, disappointment, embarrassment, shame, and loneliness. Any feeling you don’t like, can be reduced or removed through hypnosis. By releasing uncomfortable feelings, you allow positive, comfortable feelings to flow in, like peace, comfort, happiness, love or joy. 

We can’t always change what is going on around us, but what we can control and modify is how we react to those things, and what we think about those things. Hypnosis can help us feel the way we would prefer to feel – even in these difficult times.

Isn’t some level of anxiety good? Wouldn’t we just let things go, or put ourselves in danger if we weren’t anxious or worried? 

Anxiety and worry are never helpful. These unwanted feelings just make us imagine the worst that can happen, and then our bodies react to that imagination, as if it were happening now, or will certainly happen soon. While using hypnosis to release the anxiety, we can certainly keep a level of concern, and be conscientious in our actions to keep us and our families safe.

Anxiety does not keep you safe. Worry can not keep you safe. Clear thinking and careful planning will do what you might have thought anxiety and worry would do, but you could worry all day and no good will come of that. It is the action that keeps you safe. Worry and anxiety can keep you from good strong action. Hypnosis can help you sort it all out. Since you are in a relaxed state during hypnosis with a clinical hypnotist, it is often easier to see what is going on within you and help guide you to make positive changes in your mind, your body, and your life.