Ultimate Relaxation CD/MP3

Introducing Ultimate Relaxation, a downloadable recording (mp3) that will totally and completely relax your mind and body – not only while you are listening to it, but also all throughout the day — Just use the simple techniques you’ll learn from listening to this recording.
(Now available in MP3 Instant Download!)

Ultimate Relaxation Hypnosis CD

Carol Henderson, a Certified Hypnotherapist, leads you slowly and comfortably, into the most comfortable and relaxed state you can experience while you are still awake. The accompanying music relaxes your whole body as it soothes your mind. The music was composed by Dan Butler, an experienced composer, specifically for this CD. This recording contains binaural beats (also known as binaural tones) which greatly enhance the relaxation process. The 50 beat per minute tempo, together with Carol’s voice, gently allow you to concentrate on your own relaxation. While listening, you allow yourself to relax deeper into a wonderful state of calm peacefulness. While you are in this very relaxed state, your body can heal itself, and the outside world and all of your problems just seem to disappear. This relaxed state can lower your blood pressure, decrease your respiration rate, lower your pulse rate, increase your oxygen consumption, and increase your Alpha brain waves (a definite sign of relaxation.)

  • What if you could learn a technique, which would convince your body that you are safe?
  • What if you could convince your body that, even though there are stressful events, people and things in your life, you can become peaceful, calm and relaxed as you are coping with these situations?
  • Wouldn’t you be better able to cope with the stresses in your life if you faced them with calm confidence?
  • Listen to Ultimate Relaxation and gain this calm confidence for yourself.

Experience guided imagery and learn advanced relaxation techniques.
In this CD, Carol Henderson uses guided imagery and progressive relaxation techniques that show you how to warm your fingers. The more stressed a person is, the lower the temperature becomes in their hands and fingers.  This is demonstrated by looking at the color of the popular mood ring as you are wearing it. If the ring is red or black, you are stressed or tense. When the mood ring shows blue or green, you are serene or relaxed. These rings detect the temperature of your finger. When a person feels safe and peaceful, their hands become warmer. When you can learn to warm your fingers and hands, you can gain control of your own internal stress levels. YOU CAN LEARN TO CALM YOURSELF! Many people in the past have used biofeedback training to learn this technique of finger warming.  However, learning finger warming by taking biofeedback training can take up to ten sessions to develop the ability to put this calming technique into practice in your daily life.  But, by listening only once to this Ultimate Relaxation CD, you will be able to warm your fingers right away, anywhere, anytime, allowing yourself to feel in charge of any situation, while at the same time, becoming calm and confident.

Finger warming has been shown to have a beneficial effect for people who suffer from high blood pressure, migraine and tension headaches, insomnia, digestive disorders, pain, asthma, and many other physical problems. Studies show, in many cases, finger warming can also create an improved sense of mental and spiritual well-being.

Read what Barbara M. said about Ultimate Relaxation:

“I have NEVER been so relaxed in my whole life as I was after listening to Ultimate Relaxation! I stayed relaxed for the rest of the day, too.

Peter C. also enjoyed listening:

“That was the most amazing experience. My fingers got all warm and tingly, and I became completely relaxed, I felt like I couldn’t move, I was so relaxed. I couldn’t believe how bright the colors were, either.”
(Carol has you imagine colors as you warm your fingers and relax the rest of your body.)

Melissa P. says,
“The first time I listened to Ultimate Relaxation was after a very difficult day at work. I was all tense, and I had a headache right behind my eyes. I sat back in my recliner and listened to Carol’s voice and the music. I was amazed as my fingers got warm right away. I noticed that as I concentrated on the warmth in my fingers, my headache went away. After the CD was over, I felt much better, and my headache was gone for good. Now I try to listen to it everyday. I sleep better, and I notice that I just feel better.”

See for yourself how relaxed you can be.  Download Ultimate Relaxation today.

Since everyone is different, your results may vary.