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Learn how hypnosis and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can help you stop smoking:

Read what a recent client of New Day Hypnotherapy wrote us after she quit smoking:

Hi, My name is Sherri, and I have smoked cigarettes for nearly thirty-one years. I had tried the patch, smoke away, gum and cold turkey and none of it worked. I then started looking into hypnotherapy to see if there was one who did it for people who wanted to stop smoking. I went on the internet and found a hypnotherapist who was able to give me the information on how it was done and the cost. I was able to set up an appointment to go in. When I got there and started my session, I was having doubts as to whether this would work, but I have now been a non-smoker for seven months. It is like I have never smoked before in my life. I can also tell you that as a non-smoker, it is true that people who smoke really do smell. My mom use to tell me that I smelled when I used to smoke and I didn’t believe her, but now I know that it was true. As a non-smoker you really can tell who smokes and who doesn’t because you can smell it on a person. So I would like to say “Thank-you Carol Henderson of New Day Hypnotherapy for giving me a new leaf on life.” -Sherri Shipley of Adrian Missouri


Everyone is different, and your results may vary.


Hypnosis is extremely effective for diminishing completely removing the urge, the desire and the perceived need to smoke. Most people stop smoking after one or two sessions at New Day Hypnotherapy LLC. We almost never have to see anyone for smoking cessation more than twice. These sessions last two hours (which is longer than the usual hypnotherapy session offered by some other hypnotherapy programs) and include Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT and hypnosis.

EFT can completely remove any cravings for cigarettes in just a few minutes. One could quit smoking using just EFT if they were very persistent. If, after they leave our office, a person does have an occasional craving, they know how to use EFT to stop that craving immediately. Also, during the hypnosis process, in addition to hypnotic suggestions that the person will quit smoking, we teach two other techniques to help calm our clients in stressful situations. With these three techniques, there’s no need to ever smoke again.

Occasionally, a person may associate smoking with something or someone that causes them to feel sad when they do quit. For instance, someone may associate smoking with feelings of power and independence that they felt when they were young and began to smoke. These people may feel, on a subconscious level, that they don’t want to give up these feelings of power and independence, and they think that giving up smoking will make them feel weak and dependent again – like they felt when they were children. Remember, this is a subconscious association, so the person would not realize why they wanted a cigarette, just that they really do want one. In these cases, sometimes one session will break up these associations, and sometimes, if these associations are really strong, two or more sessions may be needed.

Each person is different, and that’s why these sessions are tailored to each client. In addition, these techniques can be used for quitting chewing tobacco and other cravings.

Here is another brief testimonial:

I had smoked for thirty years. I tried everything to quit. Nothing worked. After two sessions, I can tell you that I no longer smoke, nor do I want to. It really worked. I was skeptical at first, but it really does work.

Remember, everyone is different, and your results may vary. Read even more testimonials.

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